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Senior Data Scientist

Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, NetherlandsData Science & Machine Learning

Why you’ll love this job

Are you ready to explore the cutting edge of data science technologies? As a Senior Data Scientist at Datenna, you'll get the unique chance to work in an environment that fosters your creativity and offers expansive opportunities for your innovative ideas to thrive. Experience firsthand the impact of your contributions on our customers, as you play a pivotal role in harnessing data science to improve our powerful OSINT platform.

Impacting geopolitics with groundbreaking OSINT, AI, and data science

At Datenna, we merge China expertise with groundbreaking technology, creating a unique software platform that empowers governments with unparalleled insights into China's techno-economic landscape. We are a growing tech scale-up, dedicated to driving innovation with our dynamic and international team.

Our world-unique OSINT engine gathers and consolidates information from various open sources, offering the most accurate representation of reality while maintaining complete data lineage, traceability, and explainability of the results. This unlocks mission-critical insights for our customers via our interactive SaaS platform. To achieve these important outcomes, our OSINT engine solves several crucial challenges within open information retrieval, data interoperability/federation, fact-checking, entity resolution, explainable AI, and more.

As Senior Data Scientist in Scraping Team #1 within the Data Acquisition tribe, your job is to ensure the quality of the data that gets ingested into our OSINT engine. You will contribute to solving important challenges like entity resolution and help develop state-of-the-art natural language processing and open information retrieval techniques. Working closely together with scraping engineers and domain experts, you are the gatekeeper of the system. As the saying goes, garbage in is garbage out!

Your mission at Datenna:

  • You'll utilize your wealth of data science knowledge to maximize the quality of the data presented to the users of our OSINT platform.
  • Develop novel information extraction techniques to get the most valuable insights possible from the raw data we collect.
  • Offer insights to optimize our data collection, ingestion, and transformation processes.
  • Collaborate with data source experts, data scraping engineers, and others to correctly interpret, extract, and analyze the collected data, tackling complex challenges like entity resolution.

What makes you a great candidate:

  • A master’s degree in a quantitative field such as Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, or related fields.
  • Strong proficiency in Python, including relevant libraries such as pandas, NumPy, and scikit-learn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Matplotlib and Seaborn.
  • Skilled in cleaning and preprocessing raw data to make it suitable for analysis and model development.
  • Experience working with unstructured data, including advanced knowledge of state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques.
  • Hands-on experience in developing, evaluating, and implementing machine learning models.
  • Proficiency in working with relational databases and writing SQL queries.
  • Understanding of business goals and the ability to align data science projects with organizational objectives.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and proficiency in receiving and giving feedback.
  • Commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in AI, data science, and machine learning.
  • Familiarity with data governance and data quality management.
  • Familiarity with the topic of entity resolution is advantageous.
  • Reading & speaking proficiency in Mandarin (minimum HSK4) would be useful.

*Please know that applicants may be subject to a screening process.*

Why you’ll love Datenna

  • An inspiring mission with global impact
  • The opportunity to pioneer in groundbreaking OSINT & AI technologies
  • Endless opportunities to explore, shape your career, and make an impact in our growing scale-up company
  • Our amazing community of colleagues
  • Competitive salary (not like a typical start-up!)
  • Full range of benefits: Explore details here
  • Read more about our culture: