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Data Engineer

Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, NetherlandsProduct Development

Job description

Are you ready to take ownership of the development and implementation of our data storage and processing infrastructure? Will you bring our data platform to the next level and empower our customers?

Datenna brings mission-critical insights to customers around the world by collecting & analyzing vast quantities of data and identifying patterns and connections within that data. Together with our Data team, you facilitate leveling up many aspects of our business. On the one hand, you empower clients with more insights from better data. On the other hand, you make your Data Scientist colleagues smile by handing them even better tools. As the saying goes, garbage in = garbage out, and we are mining for gold!

What you will do:

  • Use the appropriate data storage systems for our various requirements. You utilize the strengths of the various types of systems (SQL, NoSQL, key-value stores, document stores, graph databases, etc.) to realize the best possible solution;
  • Support in developing a modern and scalable data processing pipeline. This includes assisting in various aspects such as designing, building, optimizing, scaling, and maintaining it together with the team;
  • Help to ensure that the data which is acquired can be used to the fullest by various stakeholders;
  • Facilitate data acquisition and ingestion;
  • Closely collaborate with machine learning experts, data scientists, and business developers, which each have their own requirements.

Job requirements

  • Your educational background is BA/MSc degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, AI or related;
  • You have professional experience with building scalable data processing pipelines;
  • You have knowledge of the various types of data storage systems available;
  • You adhere to high standards whilst also taking into account the (human/technical) resources that are available;
  • You contribute to help continuously improve our development processes, tools/stacks, and methodologies;
  • You keep track of relevant new tools and technologies within the field of Data Engineering/Big Data as they emerge.

What we offer :

  • Competitive salary (not like a typical start-up!)
  • All essentials: state-of-the-art hardware, pension scheme, traveling allowance, and 30 holidays (as long as you promise to come back 😉)
  • Knowledge-driven, collective and individual development
  • A modern, hybrid workplace with flexible working hours to organize your own agenda
  • A nice working environment in the center of Eindhoven – with good coffee, a bunch of fresh fruits & snacks & daily freshly prepared lunch
  • Weekly Thursday afternoon drinks and board games

Due to the confidential nature of the information you will be working with, a screening process can be part of the procedure.