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A career path across borders

Meet Bo: China Analyst at Datenna

"My journey with Datenna began around two years ago, marking the onset of an exciting new chapter in my career as a young professional."

From China to the Netherlands to the U.S.

Originally from the Netherlands, my academic pursuits led me to Shanghai, where I earned my bachelor's degree in China studies, and later to Nanjing, where I completed my master’s in political science. The sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought an abrupt conclusion to my six-year stay in China, prompting my return to the Netherlands, where I joined Datenna as a China Analyst.

Fast forward two years, I've witnessed Datenna's remarkable growth as a company and I've had the opportunity to take on a pivotal role within the organization. When I made the move to the U.S. to be closer to my American husband, I was entrusted with pioneering Datenna's presence in Washington D.C., proudly serving as the company's first U.S.-based employee. It's been an incredible experience to see our teams on both sides of the Atlantic expand, contribute to Datenna’s U.S. market entry, and support my amazing new colleagues in D.C.!

Merging China expertise with groundbreaking technology

What I cherish most about my time at Datenna is the vibrant and innovative team culture that encourages collaboration and constant learning. In essence, we're a diverse group of enthusiasts, with half of us fueled by a passion for China and the other half driven by an interest in data science and software development. Coming from a China background, I've enjoyed delving into the technical intricacies of our data-driven intelligence platform, embracing the opportunity to learn from colleagues and grow every day.

From China Analyst to Sales and Customer Success

As a member of our U.S.-based team, our central mission revolves around business development and delivering data-driven insights on China to analysts and decision-makers within the U.S. government. This journey led me to a role that I hadn't initially anticipated: a China Analyst with a focus on sales and customer success. Surprisingly, I've found immense satisfaction in this role. It's incredibly fulfilling to engage daily with U.S. government officials and China experts, who play a central role in defining the U.S.'s stance on China. In these pivotal times for U.S.-China relations, it's exciting to be in the middle of the action!

A mission that crosses borders and makes a real impact

As I reflect on my Datenna journey so far, I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities to learn and make a meaningful contribution to our mission. At its core, Datenna's mission is about empowering governments to safeguard economic and national security by equipping them with the tools they need to make informed, data-driven decisions when it comes to China. It’s a mission that resonates with me and that I consider highly important in the current geopolitical climate.